Who I am !



Japan Karate

World Ranking 5th in -50Kg 

Date of birth 1993.8.18
Place of birth   Chiba
Blood Type   O
Height      155 cm 48 kg
Hobbies       Yoga, Fitness, Karaoke
School     Nippon Sport University
      Nippon Sport Science University       Kashiwa High School (Graduated)
      Graduated from Nihon University                         (Japanese representative since                             4th Grade)
Company   Joined Koei Security Group


Karate 1 Series A - Salzburg 1st

Karate 1 Series A - Montreal 1st

Premier League - Tokyo 3rd


Karate 1 Series A - Spain 3rd

Premier League - Rotterdam 1st

Premier League - Berlin 2nd

Premier League - Tokyo 3rd



Premier League - Paris 2nd

Asian Karate Championships 1st

Premier League - Germany 3rd

Karate 1 Series A2 - Istanbul 2nd


Premier League - Austria 1st

Premier League - Germany 2nd


Asian Karate Championships 1st

Premier League- Okinawa  1st


  1. Supporting jointly the image of sponsor and Ayaka Tadano through tournaments.

  2. Appearance of the sponsor's logo on Ayaka Tadano's Official Website.


Contract fee and period

1 Year contract
¥10,000 per month or ¥1,000,000 per year.

Year contract 

  1. Tournaments results will always be shared.

  2. Provide of Ayaka Tadano's original goods.

  3. Make sure to make Ayaka Tadano available for interaction.

  4. Contract fee will be used as funds for Ayaka Tadano athlete activities. 

  5. Please pay the contract fee payment every 6 months or annually.

  6. Logo can be used for publication.

2020 Tokyo Olympic Gold Medal

will be mine !

Starting from a very early age, I have been working extremely hard to make karate my job.  I got through many great times but also had to overcome big walls that almost made me give up.  However, my love for Karate has not changed. I have learned so much, and have met great and irreplaceable friends through it.
My only desire, is to become the best Karate athlete in the World. And I will make it!
"2020 Tokyo Olympic Gold Medal"
I am working hard to make my dreams come true. Please help me to make it real through your support!
Let's do it together !
Tadano Ayaka.

Thank You For Your Support !



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